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Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio site. I realize you are probably very busy (I know I am) and your wilingness to spend some time on my site is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or if you just want to get in touch, you may use the Contact page form or give me a call @ 512.492.5789.


Since early childhood I have been drawing, painting, and creating in one way or another. Born in Pueblo, Colorado then raised in St. Charles, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis) I grew up in a family that encouraged and embraced creativity. I was always surrounded by art, music, and entertainment, and that shows itself in my work life as well as my personal interests.

I began drawing at an early age, and continue to do so today, though; not as much as I would like. I began to learn photograpy prior to the digital age, and have fully embraced the technology that we did not even dream of when we used film and darkrooms. I discoverd the internet in the mid nineties (as many of us did) and have been an active part of the World Wide Web through website design, eCommerce, and social media.


While many places I have worked in the past, and many contract jobs I have taken did not require a degree, without my Visual Communications degree, I simply could not do all that I am able. I have a pretty extensive education, and have taken courses that were not part of my degree requirments in order to learn at a formal level the things I feel would benefit me in my career.

Like many, my college education began at the Community College level. I took my prerequisites and inital Computer Science courses at Alvin Community College outside of Houston, Texas. It was here that I learned HTML and CSS. I received a Computer Science certification and then moved on to a more graphic design related course of study.

I first enrolled in The Art Institute. I began learning the foundation of professional graphic design in a Bachelor's of Art program for Graphic Design. After a couple of terms I realized that the degree program I was in was not exactly what I was looking for. I found out about Westwood College and that they offered a Bachelor's of Science in Visual Communications. This was more what I was looking for.

I received a stellar education from Westwood and earned a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication. If it sounds like I am proud of my degree it is because I am. It took me many years and multiple schools to earn the degree, but it is done now; I have a science degree. And it is not just the degree; I have a well rounded education and I have tried and tested skills that allow me to do the work that I enjoy. Which brings us to the next section...

Professional Skillset | Experience

For me it all starts with the web. I have authored more than a few websites and used the World Wide Web to help businesses establish an identity and sell their products on a level that exceeds expectation. I am a web professional and my sites and track history bear witness to that fact. I can build a complete eCommerce site or I can build a single page template to use for eBay sales; and everything in between. I am versed in SEO, so I bring practical experience to internet authoring.

I have professional level print production experience. I can produce any type of document in print-ready format, and design it to make the message clear. I also have spent quite some time using Wide Format printers to produce everything from canvas art prints to full truck box vehicle wraps.

While I have not had much demand for motion graphics, I relish every opportunity that comes my way to produce top quality title sequences, web banners, and any kind or animation that grabs attention. I use Adobe After Effects or Adobe Flash to create motion graphics projects and I use Premiere Pro for video projects.

Photography is my passion. I have always loved to go out and shoot. Luckily for me this has translated well into my professional life. I shoot product photography to be used online and in print. I have contracted to shoot real estate photography which pays pretty good, and is extremely satisfying. I have shot cars and motorcycles for appraisal companies, and I have had my photos printed in multiple magazines.

Not only can I take the shot, I can work with the image as well. My Photoshop skills are expert level, and I know my way around Lightroom equally. Most of my photography prowess comes from experience, but I also have a formal photography education.

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